User Colours

User Colours

Post by _haru on Sun Jan 08, 2017 9:26 pm

User Colours

NFS Secrets has a User Colours system in place. They are ranked from highest to lowest in this list. A user can have multiple colours, but their username will show their highest rank.

Red is for the Forum Administrator. The Forum Administrator is the webmaster of the site and therefore has complete control over it. Currently, Administrators are Linuxfanatic and BloodDrunk.

Yellow is for the Forum Moderators. The Moderators have control over most aspects of the site. The Moderators are speedychan, trackmaniamatt489 and ArturoPlayerOne.

Green is for Modders. Modders are people who make Script Mods, Tools and other modifications to/for NFS games. There are numerous Modders on the site.

Purple is for researchers. Researchers are the people who hack into and examine NFS games. There are many researchers on the site.

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