An announcement about Tiger White/HorseRider

An announcement about Tiger White/HorseRider

Post by _haru on Fri Apr 14, 2017 11:54 am

As most of you know, there is an infamous YouTuber and NFS 'modder' who goes by the names Tiger White on Youtube and HorseRider on various forums.

This person should not be trusted under any circumstances. He is a troll and a liar with extremely malicious intent. Over the last year or so, he successfully convinced numerous members of many forums that he was a 29-year old child abuse survivor and suffered from many mental illnesses. He is, in fact, just a bored little shit who thinks it's funny to prey on the symphathy and friendliness of NFS forum members.

He is also notorious for making 'mods' that contain empty promises and nonexistant features. I urge you to not download these mods and also to unsubscribe from his YouTube channel.

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