Announcement about NFS Secrets and car modding

Announcement about NFS Secrets and car modding

Post by _haru on Wed Mar 01, 2017 6:46 am

After a certain popular car game website imploded due to to a certain incident that took place on Discord, NFS Secrets has now become the main forum of a large number of important projects, like the MW 1.4 Community Patch, and nlgzrgn's NFS Extra Options. As the administrator of the site, I am both pleased and honoured to have these excellent contributors make this site their home.

A large number of car modders, such as Rauny, made the jump to NFSS as well. NFSS was designed with the goal of being an archive for tools, scripts, and exploits for NFS games, not just another car mod site. However, we have made the executive decision to provide some support for car mods here. So modders, we now welcome you with open arms! Happy Smile 1

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