About the issues with other NFS-based websites

About the issues with other NFS-based websites

Post by ArturoPlayerOne on Wed Mar 01, 2017 12:57 am

If we don't remember history, it will repeat itself again... It happened with one site, then another, and a day ago, with a site that was popular and loved. Always the same problems: Drama, the fear/distrust that staffers, be it directly or not, generated on users, lack of communication between staffers and users, toxic users, unwillingness to change status quo when it becomes detrimental for everyone, except for a few, and more.

The incident in the latest was a time bomb which if it wouldn't have exploded that day, it would have exploded sooner or later. The recipe for disaster was:

-Users who are condescending with Modders, almost to the point of treating them as servants.
-Modders who abuse of their status to be condescending with users.
-Staffers who are really busy with their lives, and neglect staff duties (Not their fault, but still).
-Staffers who either troll members, do nothing to stop trolling, encourage trolling, or all of them.
-Staffers that either prefer to be anything but in the website they manage, prefer to deal with the community as less as
 possible, are unwilling to change such bad status quo, or all of them.
-Lack of knowledge and/or respect of the userbase by part of the staff, and how to treat it properly.

As soon as you read this, some, most, or all of you, will notice that similar issues were found in both NFSCars and GTRCars (And probably other NFS websites), but the ways of dealing with these problems were either unsuccsessful or outright bad. Some of the involved people didn't learn the lesson, and history repeated itself.

Precisely because of these issues which plagued not only that website, but the entire NFS Community, is that the NFS Secrets website was born. Despite the site's orientation to NFS Script Mods and research, one of the main goals is to put an end, or limit as much as possible, the issues that the NFS Communty has, being the main issues the unnecessary drama and the general lack of respect.

The idea is that Developers, Modders, Researchers and Users have a place in which they can create/modify/research contents, give/receive feedback/constructive criticism, and learn about content creation/modification/research so they either satiate their curiosity or learn to be content creators/modifiers/researchers themselves, in a professional-like ambient.

This post is a reminder for us all, so we don't make the same mistakes (Or worse), and therefore, keep history from repeating itself.

Best regards,
The staff of NFS Secrets.

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